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The Anti-Guidebook On Travel

"More of an anti-guidebook than a specific travel guide, This Book is About Travel will take you places."

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2 years on the road. 1 backpack. 15 countries. Banned from one. Stories about Nepal, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Qatar, UAE, Panama and more. This book is about the days, people, stories, ethics and philosophy that bridged the trip. What is modern travel? Why are you not on the road?

About the Author

Andrew Hyde is a vagabond and a minimalist who spent 20 months on the road researching for this book. He is still on the road and blogs at

This book is much more than a travel log. It is a portrait of the inquisitiveness of the human spirit, narrated by an objective, analytical and self-aware voice.

-Natty Zola

Andrew Hyde's "travel book" takes you on that most extravagant and mysterious journey -- through a great writer's mind, featuring landscapes that are actual, but also philosophical, emotional, wild and wise. Even the party he throws the night before he leaves, giving away all his worldly possessions, save 15 things, in order to find a new world, is a road not taken by most.

-Halley Suitt Tucker

This book IS about travel, not through one world, but through many. Andrew Hyde captures the spirit and meaning of exploration -- a trip of heart, mind and body towards the freedom of the soul.

-Marshall Soulful Jones

I'd buy this for my whole company if I wasn't afraid that they would all start planning year long trips (as I now am).

-Off the Record CEO

Andrew gave up his routine, comforts and all his possessions - except his backpack - to live a life that most only dream about. Reading this book was not the first time Andrew has inspired fresh changes in my life.

-Kathy Sierra

It's the type of travel book that guides you in the art of experiencing a place and encouraging you to create your own stories about it. It's about inserting yourself in a time and place without all the usual tourist baggage. It's as much about traveling abroad as it is about how you want to travel through life.

-Jen Roberts

If you plan on traveling in the near... ever, you should get this book from my friend Andrew Hyde. I can think of no one with a more inspiring spirit.

-Ryan Plesko

…it's a unique, personal look at life in this country and others, written by a man who parted with all of his possessions and hit the open road.

-Sean Masters

Andrew is a great writer, witty, endearing and open. Each chapter engages you as if you were out there somewhere with Andrew telling you stories about his adventures. It's a great read and will make you look inside yourself at what motivates you to travel and how to just let yourself go.

-Chris Schultz

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